Day 20

Who is your biggest weight loss inspiration and why?

I don’t know that I have a who.  I have a friend who has lost a lot of weight, but it wasn’t healthily done and I just think that she is denying that fact.  Most of the people I know/work with on a day to day basis either don’t need to lose weight, or do, but I don’t know that they care.

So really, I’m trying to be an inspiration to those that want a healthier life.  Trying to be an example of how to treat your body the best that you can through the food that you eat and the choices that you make.  I want to inspire my mom and dad to lose weight as well and for my brothers to make better food choices for their physical and mental health.

I would say that I am inspired by the other members at my CrossFit gym, especially those that have more noticeable weight to lose, and are pushing harder than me, and I’m inspired by the before and afters that I see on Mark’s Daily Apple, or on Robb Wolf’s site.  Especially because not one of them seems to be losing weight ONLY to lose weight.  They are recognizing the bad health advice that they, and the rest of the country, has received for their entire lives, but at the same time owning up to that and trying to make healthy positive changes in order to live fuller and healthier lives.

I want to be the inspiration and that’s my inspiration.

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